definition of perfection

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My coworker wants to introduce me to her friend, that’s nice and all but I’m honestly not interested.
I’ve dated quite a few guys who are way below my actual standards, and I believe I deserve someone better.
I just want a guy who’s passionate about being successful and his career. I don’t want someone who’s confused about what he wants or who he wants to be. I know it sounds wrong, but I just can’t be with someone who plans to stay in the same place.
I’m working my ass off to have a great life, and personally I deserve someone who’s doing the same.



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Overthinking at night isn’t no stranger to anyone. It’s when people are in the pure dark & silence, that their minds are running like wild. And the only time you let yourself get bombarded with thoughts consciously. You just have to learn to manage your thoughts rather then letting them manage you.


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